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Happy International Left-Handers Day!


13th August is International Left-Handers Day. I’m proud to be a lefty! I thought I’d celebrate this year by providing you with information about some books on left-handedness:

1. A Left-Hand Turn Around the World: Chasing the Mystery and Meaning of All Things Southpaw by David Wolman

Left-handers have been getting bad press ever since biblical times, but southpaw David Wolman isn’t disheartened. His lighthearted Left-Hand Turn Around the World explores every imaginable aspect of this distinctive anomaly. With an apparently insatiable curiosity about all things left, Wolman consults neuroscientists, psychologists, primatologists, handwriting analysts, occultists, and even members of Japan’s National Association of Left-Handed Golfers.

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San Diego Comic Con International 2011

Anybody going to Comic Con!?

I will mostly be sitting at the Keenspot Booth:

Keenspot Entertainment - Booth 1231

Also my first panel:

3:00-4:00 Keenspot 2011: Vampires and Zombies and the Moon!— Pioneering webcomics publisher Keenspot returns for their unfathomable 11th annual Comic-Con panel! Creators scheduled to appear include Benny Powell (Wayward Sons), Brion Foulke (Flipside), John Joseco (The Lounge), David Campiti (Exposure), R.C. Monroe (Out There), and tentatively, writer/director Jay Weisman (Shockwave Darkside). Additionally, Aimee Schoof (Red Giant Media), co-producer of the upcoming shot-in-3D war on the moon feature film Shockwave Darkside as well as the movie adaptation of the Keenspot webcomic Last Blood (after zombies take over the Earth, vampires must protect the last surviving humans so they can live off their blood), will bring previews and announcements about both projects. And everyone who attends will receive a free…something. Room 4 

Those who come by the booth and say they’re a brony/ Lounge fan or just a fan of my art in general: free sketches!

That’s all I gotta’ say!

what happened to the comic for wednesday the 18th? It didn't get updated...

My dog passed away on Tuesday. Just not going to have anything for that day. There will be a update for May 20th.

I did a Easter piece for David Herbert and Tatiana Lepikhina’s Tnemrot. While you’re at it, check out the comic too! It got great action, characters, art.

Rave Kitty News…

After thinking about it for a long time. I will reboot Rave Kitty.

I want most things different. Some fusion of Western and Anime style. Short story arcs with dashes of randomness in it. A way to have new characters thrown into it.

Rave Kitty was never designed to have a long story arc. I had a different mind-set back in the day. I like to have all the pages in color and have the option to publish it some day.

This will require a lot of thinking.

hey found your site through an affiliate from thong revolution =\
dont judge me. anyways thought id say great site great comic, and you started in 2005 0.0, i red from 2008 ish to now, i dont like waiting for stuff so bleh.

anyways, awesome comic to bad your planning to end it, and yes this isn't really a question. but didn't feel like logging into my email just to send a little praise =3

and the whole kitty and "mew" thing love that i purr like a cat all day rrrrr!
anyways goodluck for the future, and dont mess up the ending ;)

Actually I started the Lounge in 2002. If I had kept my original schedule and didn’t skip a year, 2011 may have been the last year. That’s all thrown out the window for now. There’s still tons to tell. The ending will be the toughest thing to do. Thanks for the comments.

Going to Check Those E-mails…

Alrighty! Trying to think of a April Fool’s Strip for The Lounge! Will start reading those Guest Star E-mails and getting set up!

What a Turnout!

I just checked my e-mail. I wasn’t expecting that many! It’s a good thing I’m drawing these in the present where the art is much improved. All of you guys are going to look GOOOOD! Thanks!

Do You Want to Guest Star in The Lounge?

Here’s your chance!

What I did before was have people appear in the strip and interact with their favorite characters. I had tons of e-mails, but sadly they are forever lost due to hard drive failures and I didn’t have G-mail.

Before you e-mail me, there are a couple of catches and rules.

  • - By e-mailing me, you have given me permission to use your likeness.
  • - You’re only be  a guest star. You will not be a permanent cast member.
  • - I’ll be the one writing the strips. No need to send a script of any kind.
  • - I will not accept any original/copyrighted characters. It has to be you.
  • - I have the right to refuse your submission.

(Rules are subject to change)

What you have to include in your E-mail.

  1. You must provide a nickname. I will use the nickname to put at the bottom of the strip. In most cases, your name will not be spoken by the characters.
  2. A recent(2009-2010) PHOTO of yourself!How else will I know what you look like? 
  3. Your AGE. I will not share your age to the public.
  4. Your HEIGHT. I don’t want to draw you shorter than Jamie!
  5. What kind of clothes you’re wearing. Any copyrighted logos/art will be altered.
  6. A brief description of your personality, mannerisms, likes, dislikes. The more info you give me, the better.
  7. Which character do you want to interact with and why. Depending on the situation, you may be interacting with several characters.

Your photo and info will never be shared to the public.

Please put “The Lounge Guest Star 2011" in your subject line so it won’t go into the trash.

If you follow these requirements, you’ll likely get in. Those who get in will get a little portrait posted in the Guest section of the Cast page. I will be e-mailing you when your part comes up.  

If there are any questions that I need answered, I’ll let you know.

If you have any further questions, you can e-mail me at

 —- Slots are open for a limited time! —-

Why aren't you the main character?
And did she stop trying to take over?
1 more thing could you pounce on Italys you know what i mean in the middle of the of the melons or do the but thing again.

I ain’t the main character because I never see myself in any of my creations. I don’t understand the last two questions. I don’t know who stopped trying to take over and I don’t know about this melons/but thing.